What to do

The Manso River is a well known rafting meca, with many outdoor agencies offering wild experiences on its crystal waters. Mountain climbing, and fishing on nearby lakes are available at request.

Our Host will lead a 3-people team: professional chef, housekeeping staff and Gaucho guides for mountain activities:

At Río Foyel Ranch

Don’t hesitate to ask us for a more extensive price list of Bariloche tours, including fun/pleasure tours!

Outside Río Foyel Ranch

Fly Fishing

This is the reason that moved us to buy the property. Our secluded waters where we could be the only ones fishing them! As we love the sport we want you to practice or even learn how to do it.

You have the opportunity to take fly fishing lessons from our host and practice this fascinating sport in our lagoons, in the Río Foyel or Río Manso. Other option is Lago Steffen, one hour away from the lodge you can enjoy its waters and landscape fly fishing from a boat.

Río Foyel’s easy going waters creates a wonderful backstage for dry fly fishing. Not big trouts but easy to identify their feeding behaviour to stalk and fish with subtle movements brown trouts, rainbows and fontinalis.

The Cascade

One hour walk or horse ride, takes us to the cascade.

After climbing big and small rocks, rolled down by springtime heavy waters forces, we found this incredible place not many years ago.

Horse Riding

If you are looking for adventure at horse back, we have many activities that will satisfy your needs. Climbing up the Cordillera, difficult paths will make you trust in the horse rather than your legs!

We love to saddle up our horses in the wood barn and take off to ride alongside the river shore, through plain terrain and then up to the mountain. Thin paths lead us to upper lands where we reach impressive sights.

Not too far from the lodge you will be able to have views of the whole valley from the southern limit of the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Ten miles of straight views of the valley take your eyes to the very argentine/chilean border. Now and then we can also see cóndores, boars and huemules trails.

If you are looking for a deep connection with animals do not underestimate horses! They are really good swimmers, you only need to grab their hair and they will take you for the most special bath of your life.

Rupestrian Art

One day we got a call from an archeology team asking for permission to search for rupestrian art.

Of course we gave it and they found it! For our surprise we did have 2000 year old paintings in our place, only a 15 min walk from the house.

Natives used the valley as a milder place for winter time, with great pasture for stolen cattle from the argentine pampas on their way to Chile


The Rio Foyel has a mild meandering flow on its way to join forces with the Manso River.

Both rivers take their waters to the Pacific Ocean. We usually drop our boats a few yards from the ranch and then paddle down to one of our sandy beaches. It’s a nice float on a gentle river.

Or you may choose to make it all the way to the Rio Manso and paddle heavily down for many miles to be picked up closer to our neighbouring country. 


Rafting the Río Manso River is only 15 min away from the ranch. This river has different rafting river grades, going from the 2nd to the 4th grade (being 1 the easiest and 5 the most difficult). 


If you like trekking there is no limit. We’ve developed many trails that could become exhausting and up the mountain close to our private glaciar. 

If you don’t want to run bigger risks we can ride alongside the valley through its pastures with breathtaking views. It’s not easy and it demands a lot of effort, but it’s worth it!

The Cerro Ventisquero at our back is more than 6600 feet high and the tallest peak for many miles around. Many chilean volcanoes can be seen from this spot.

Bariloche City

One hour and a half from the lodge you get to Bariloche City. It has a wide range of restaurants and many chocolate factories have their headquarters in this city.


In 2017 Argentina was named the best golf destination in Latin America. The main reason is because of two gold fields in Bariloche, one in the Llao Llao hotel and the other one in Arelauquen Golf Club.

The food

All cooking is based on natural ingredients, organically produced by neighbouring farms, most of them descendants from Swiss and German immigrants that settled in the valley at the beginning of last century.

Breads, jams, fruits and vegetables and even beer are locally produced. Our cook accepts recommendations, advice or even teach you on his craft and how to make your meals look and taste great.

A wide variety of the best argentinian wines is available.